The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Copenhagen (DK)

Sleep had become integrated in the way I worked. To me it represented a loss of consciousness and time that balanced between being productive and a "waste of time". The video recording was a means to re-introduce consciousness and time, the camera would function as a kind of extra self, and the recording would enable me to access this period of time later. The video was not thought of as a work, it was a part of a private investigation, to which I would be the only relevant viewer. The situation I was interested in, was when I would watch the video, how this would affect me, the awkwardness of observing myself.
When asked to present and talk about my work in my class in the art academy, I wanted to speak of this investigation, but also to use it as a means to question the situation, my role in relation to the other students and the teacher, and the way I would speak of my work. I thought of the presentation as a format that would produce a demand for coherency, control and authority from my side, which again produced nervousness. The video represented a set of other qualities, vulnerability, unawareness of own appearance and inconsistency in thinking, that could be seen as opposing to the way I would appear during the presentation. I played the video on a monitor next to me, and introduced it as a clock; when I woke up, the presentation would end.