July 21, 2016
“How to Look”
Paraphernalia, Musée des Confluences
Lyon (FR)

Performed by
Marion Couzinié, Liv Schulman, Benoît Martin, Signe Frederiksen, Dayoung Lee, Vattani Saray, Agathe Chevallier, Noémie Besset, Maxime Delhomme, Clémence Estève, Laure Mathieu, Zelie Chancogne, Juliane Mahler and Iwok du Lac de Garm


The Interviewer comes back onto the stage.

Thank you and welcome to HOW TO LOOK! Tonight I will be asking questions to our lovely audience. Please give us a big hand while I find a willing person.

The interviewer approaches the audience seats. She goes up the stairs to the back of the room, furthest away from the scene.

Yes, you! What’s your name?

As Signe begins to answer, a young woman with a white shepherd dog on a leash comes out from the side curtains on stage left and crosses the stage in a slow pace. They exit stage right. Neither she nor the dog looks at the audience. Right after two persons carrying a large portrait of the artist in black and white mounted on a wooden frame follows. Then, a group of five persons in coats (as if they were coming directly from outside) carrying books cross the stage. The books are “Foucault. Dits et écrits II, 1976-1988” from the edition Quatro Gallimard, “William Shakespeare Oeuvres Complètes, bilingual edition from Robert Laffont, “August Strindberg Théâtre complet 3”, L’Arche, “Le Nouveau Petit Robert, Dictionnaire Alphabétique et Analogique de la langue française” and “La frustración Postcolonial by Salma Hayeck” by Liv Schulman. None of them pay any attention to the audience.

My name is Signe

Signe, would you be willing to answer a question?

Yes (nervously)

Do you identify yourself as an artist?

Yes... I am the artist... of this piece.