June 6, 2012
Exkursion: Kino, Mumok Kino
Vienna (A)



Thanks for taking time today. I want to try to address you here, as a reader, outside our spoken conversation, to try to understand what kind of space that is, the reading, and how I can address someone (you) that way.
The text I would like you to read is something I plan to give away on the 20th in Mumok Kino to everyone who attends the event. It will be handed out by one of the guards at the ticket control upstairs, and wrapped like this one, in a red glossy paper. That colour should correspond to a 7 seconds long video I made, a ‘red screen’, which will be shown at least five times per hour in between other videos in the program.
I know that our meeting is a very different format than the event in Mumok, and I do not intend to address every single guest on that evening like this. I met with Amitai and Kathi last week, and I have been editing the text along the way. I was not sure if I wanted to bring the text into ‘the work’. I have decided to do that, and to leave this introduction, and the ones for Amitai and Kathi. I would like to discuss these different ‘addressings’, and the text and the experience of reading it with you today. I hope this is not all too confusing. I will let you read on, print this now and wrap it.

Signe, 16 June 2012